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About us

Uno Dental Clinic located in the center of the city of Tetova, offers a variety of services in the field of dentistry combining the latest technology with maximum commitment from the staff of doctors that the needs of the patient in the clinic to be performed are done in the best way possible.

We are focused on creating a unique connection with our patients, from providing a very relaxing modern environment, warmth and professionalism to post-treatment observation. We give special emphasis to routine checkups from which we very effectively and successfully prevent the further development of disorders of the oro-facial region.

We as a dental clinic are also focused on educating our patients starting with regular oral hygiene maintenance, routine checkups, early detection and prevention of tooth diseases as well as tips on how the natural tooth has essential value in the oral cavity. Even when the need arises that after many attempts to save one or several teeth, they are lost, we are maximally committed to replace them in the most natural way possible.


Dental tourism

Dental tourism in Tetovo. Want to have the perfect smile by combining with an impressive break. You can stay in one of the most luxurious hotels of the city and enjoy the magic of Sharr Mountain or the freshness of Lake Ohrid of course Matka Canyon can not be forgotten, you can also visit Prishtina which is about an hour away As well as lots of beautiful places until you get the perfect smile.


Our Team

The married couple Dr. Argjent and Dr. Arta Mustafai are relatively young dentists but with great enthusiasm for work. In 2016 they graduated from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Tetova branch of Dentistry
and then continue their advancement in some well-known dental clinics in the city where in addition to gaining experience practitioners in parallel, were trained to manage an independent dental clinic where in 2019 they made the biggest step of their career where they open a personal dental clinic where the only basic principle will be quality and only quality.

The patient is not just a number to them, but they consider them as a family member and the greatest happiness for them is when the patient leaves their clinic extremely happy.

Dr. Argjent's greatest passion is the work of teeth from e.max zirconia which he does with the latest methods of modern technology, while Dr. Arta works with the elderly patients to return them the smile in the most unique way that only she knows how to do and has a special sense of communication with children who create strong trust with the doctor.

They actively follow the most modern working trends in dentistry and are regular participants in international educational congresses in the country and the region.

Dr. Arta and Dr. Argjent have been together since the age of 15, they have done every step from education to professional perfection together, which results in the patient being extremely satisfied with the work, dedication, perfection and the guarantee of the work done.





MOBILE PROSTHETICS make it possible


Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals

Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is one of the biggest


Teeth whitening procedures are used


Oral prophylaxis is both a preventive measure


The World Dental Federation (FDI) defines


The aim of periodontal therapy is to preserve


Partial dentures                   


Lip augmentation is a type of


Dental implant surgery


Clear aligners are


Our dental clinic use only the best materials practice. E.Max is a versatile, metal-free, high-strength material. It offers superior aesthetics, providing excellent restorations that help increase patient satisfaction. This material is suitable for fabricating single-unit crowns of many varieties: inlays, onlays, veneers, and screw-retained implant crowns





For the patients of Uno Dental Clinic, the doctors are on duty 24 hours a day.


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