Implants, Naltrexon implant in the treatment of opiate addiction

Naltrexon implant in the treatment of opiate addiction

General information
In PZU Evromedika we use opiate antagonist, Naltrexone, in Pellet form for subcutaneous implatation from 2005. The Naltrexon pellet last 3 – (three) and 6 – (six) months. As safe drug, can be implanted under the skin several times and can help maintain abstinence.

As a safe remedy, this procedure of subcutaneous application can be repeated several times, so as to ensure long-term abstinence.

Benefits of subcutaneous implantation
This preparation is appropriate, because it enables the individual to choose a variety of everyday activities, long journey, absence from home, and being safe from nearly the greatest problem in overcoming the opiate addiction i.e. the relapses.

The application is simple and it is done in outpatient conditions.
The time needed for this procedure is about 30 minutes.

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